A Site-Specific Performance In libraries with students from The University of Maryland supported by a grant from The International Program for Creative Collaboration and Research

Inspired by the Jorge Luis Borges short story 'The Library of Babel',  Babel investigates,  from a psychological perspective, the mystical/religious experience in relation to our physical manifestations of knowledge.


Using projection, the performer's physicality and the site, Babel is a direct appeal to regard the infinite. 



Heritage Lottery Funded project working with the community in Barnstaple's Pannier Market.

A coming of age story of two misfit teenagers accepting reality through an overindulgence in fantasy.


'When Grow Up' engaged a youth ensemble with improvisation techniques, site-specific performance, and video mixing technology.    

When We Grow Up We'll Be Old


A roaming audio performance through the streets.

Explore the city from a fresh perspective as one of four distinct identities.  


See love as a journey in which we might meet and stay together or fall apart. Follow the path of those who have come before and document your experiences.

The Fruits of Failure

Solo performance with screen interventions.

A mockumentary on the life and times of fictional performance artist and epic 'failure' Lesley Roscoe.


A tongue in cheek look at what constitutes artistic success and failure, with fruit animation, performance reenactment, and the blurring of indentiy. 





Dante Undone: Part II

The abandoned sequel, Karaoke storytelling, left in a ping pong hall north of Amsterdam.

Four characters begin to climb a mountain to purge themselves of sin. As they go they slough off their former lives through confession and karaoke.


Four revolving character portraits of remorse and recovery. 

After the Thaw

A music video for musician Lorkin O'Reily  

A Quixotic eccentric goes missing leaving those who love him behind.



Dante Undone

An infinite panning shot through hell. 360 degree greenscreen machine, hand-drawn backgrounds, mutilated toys, absurd essays. Supported through a residency and development bursary provided by The Flare Festival.

Taking the full roster of characters from Dante Alighieri's Inferno and bringing them to life with scorched barbie dolls, a frozen action man and a doll head stuck on the neck of a plastic dinosaur body.  Dante Undone follows Dante and Virgil's decent into the depths of hell whilst we are lectured on the architecture of a contemporary hell with the sulfurous whiff of irony.


Part grind-house puppet show, part ludicrous experiment. In Dante Undone, we become the puppets of our own infernal machine.





Letters from another Island

Six 'friends' exist in isolation, live filmmaking of internal monologues 

A world where miniature model sets become the outward manifestations of characters introspective inquiries. 


The processes of filmmaking laid bare in an intricate dance of technology and DIY special effects. 


Whether existential crises or millennial carping, 'Letters from Another Island,' challenges the boundaries between film, theatre and installation.        





Workshops in the art of turbulent devising.

Break down the creative process into rule-based strategies and then choose to undermine them entirely. 


This process encourages participants to 'think big' and still work within the confines of their reality. 


Particularly geared towards young artists beginning their career, this strategy helps those employing it tackle the question of how to create work that is both inspired and engaging, while lacking substantial resources.